BLB is celebrating 16 years in the bookkeeping marketplace, and it has been a pleasure to help a variety of small businesses and individuals make sense of financial records, software packages, and financial reports.  With an eye for detail and an ability to analyze and to understand how and why you do things, BLB can help you to make the most of your business bookkeeping practices and to use your accounting software to the greatest advantage . . . achieving fiscal fitness and a healthy bottom line.

The truth according to BLB . . .

  1. Financial information is useful when it is organized;
  2. Up-to-date accounting removes the quesswork from operations;
  3. Computerized bookkeeping and the paper trail go hand-in-hand;
  4. Complete records enable more reliable and strategic decision-making; and
  5. Procedures are effective when they are reasonable, logical, and as simple as necessary.

In testimony to these truths, BLB can . . .

  1. Properly set-up your QuickBooks® financial and MS Excel® spreadsheet software;
  2. Organize your physical filing system and contact databases;
  3. Perform routine or periodic bookkeeping and reporting duties;
  4. Train owners and staff in the use of accounting and spreadsheet software; and
  5. Develop presentations, reports, policies, and procedures to match your business needs.

phone contact for bookkeeping services
Call 512-903-0611 for help with your bookkeeping needs.

PROPER USE of QuickBooks is a BLB specialty!

Plus we clean up other's messes!