BLB is here is to help you manage your business, homestead, or farm/ranch by providing reliable bookkeeping and data services.  Keeping financial information up-to-date and accurate gives you (1) quick answers for making decisions plus (2) a sense of comfort about your finances.  BLB's assistance in maintaining your records frees you to do what you do best - your business.

The truth according to BLB . . .

  1. Financial information is useful when it is organized;
  2. Up-to-date accounting removes the quesswork from operations;
  3. Computerized bookkeeping and the paper trail go hand-in-hand;
  4. Complete records enable more reliable and strategic decision-making; and
  5. Procedures are effective when they are reasonable, logical, and as simple as necessary.

In testimony to these truths, BLB can . . .

  1. Properly set-up your QuickBooks® financial and MS Excel® spreadsheet software;
  2. Organize your physical filing system and contact databases;
  3. Perform routine or periodic bookkeeping and reporting duties;
  4. Train owners and staff in the use of accounting and spreadsheet software; and
  5. Develop presentations, reports, policies, and procedures to match your business needs.

phone contact for bookkeeping services
Call 512-903-0611 for help with your bookkeeping needs.

BLB excels at QuickBooks® Set-Up and Use!